Cover page of the digital book titled Noelle’s Pumpkin with an image of a fluffy white cap curled around a small orange pumpkin.

Noelle’s Pumpkin: Fall Themed Digital Book for Early Readers

Download this accessible pumpkin story for your emerging/early reader!

This month, I created a pumpkin themed book for my first grade dual media learner using the Book Creator App. Since she loves cats, I wrote a simple story about a cat growing a pumpkin. While visually reading the book using VoiceDream Reader, I will have the student focus on reading high frequency words: a, the, and, which her class focused on last month. When reading along with me using a refreshable braille display, I will have her tactually locate these words on the display. The student can also work on tactually discriminating initial letters of words such as Noelle and pumpkin, thus addressing one of her IEP objectives.  Alt text was also added to each image.


Download Noelle’s Pumpkin epub version

Download Noelle’s Pumpkin PDF version


Collage of Noelle's Pumpkin

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By R Saladino

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