Noelle the Cat ePub

A free accessible digital cat book.

This month I created six more digital accessible books for my kindergarten student using the Book Creator App. Attached is an ePub file of my version of the book Oliver the Cat that the student made accessible with me. In the original book, she added pictures on every other page and recorded her voice reading the text.  For the purposes of this post, I have attached the book Noelle the Cat, which includes large print and alt text. It can be accessed with a screen reader or RBD. My student will record herself reading the text and access the digital book using her iPad and RBD. 

Download Noelle the Cat ePub here

The original story is Oliver the Cat by Will Renton.

Cover of the book Oliver the Cat, the title, a picture of a white short-haired cat and audio button are present on the cover.


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By R Saladino