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New Paths to Technology Website

Learn more about the newly updated Paths to Technology website!

A new school year brings lots of changes! Just like educators everywhere have been working hard to set up their classrooms and prepare for the 2022-23 school year, the Paths to Technology team has been working hard behind the scenes to create a better website housed on a new platform. Paths to Technology is still under construction, so please be patient!

The new Paths to Technology URL is:

Don’t worry! If you have bookmarked or saved the old Paths to Technology URL or URLs for posts on the old website, there are automatic redirects to the new pages.

What’s the Same?

The same great posts to keep you up to date about new technology/software updates, and an influx of exciting new technology-related activities for students.

What’s Different?


The Perkins microsites, like the Paths to Technology website, are better integrated under the Perkins umbrella. This means that users can search all of the Perkins sites to find every piece of related information. Example: Are you searching for tech skills needed for a student who is transitioning? The search results will include appropriate posts from Paths to Transition, College Success, and Paths to Technology.

Screenshot of Paths to Technology filters and search field.

Tabs at the Top of the Page

The tabs at the very top of the page lead to other Perkins microsites: Perkins School for the Blind, Perkins Access, Perkins India, CVI Now, BlindNewWorld, and Perkins eLearning.

Wondering what happened to the old Paths to Technology tabs (Getting Started, Students, and Technology Search)?

The information is still available, just in a new place.

No Registration

Users no longer need to register on the website. Removing the registration eliminates any possibility of spam and inappropriate comments. This does impact these features:

Back Button

The Back button located at the top left side of the page, goes back to Perkins pages and does not stay within Paths to Technology website. Example: If you opened the View all blogs link on the Paths to Technology Home page, the link opens to a list of Paths to Technology blog posts. (See picture above). The Back button on this page is labeled “View all resources and stories”. This takes you to the Perkins Resource Center which displays tabs for College Readiness, CVI, Courses & Training, and Technology. The posts listed here are the most recent posts from any of the Perkins microsites. Selecting Technology, takes you back to the list of posts on Paths to Technology.

Want to go back to the Paths to Technology Home page? There are several ways to do this.

Screenshot of Paths to Technology page with annotated arrow pointing to the link to the Home page.
Annotated P2T screenshot with arrows pointing to 'What we do" and "Paths to Technology".
Screenshot of Perkins section at the bottom of the P2T page with annotated arrow pointing to the Paths to Technology link.

New Features

Browse through the new and improved Paths to Technology website to find new features such as the new Summary Pages and the new Tactile Graphics Library!

Under Construction

Did I mention that Paths to Technology is still under construction? Change brings a few bumps in the road that the dynamic Perkins web team is diligently working to smooth over. Please be patient as we work through these things:

If you notice additional issues, please contact us at [email protected]

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