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New accessibility features for TalkBack 14.1

Major TalkBack update that includes editing gestures and braille display commands!

Google has recently announced a number of exciting updates for TalkBack, the native screen reader for Android smartphones. A startup wizard, which appears when the Android Accessibility Suite in the Google Play Store is updated, will guide users through these new features. This major accessibility update includes:

As an educator, my favorite updates are the new editing gestures and keyboard commands!

TalkBack 14.0 Editing Gestures table:

List of new TalkBack 14.0 editing commands

Download an accessible version of the TalkBack 14.0 Editing Gestures here.

TalkBack 14.0 Editing braille display commands table:

List of TalkBAck braille display editing commands

Download an accessible version of the TalkBack 14.0 Editing Braille Display Commands here.

Simple holiday editing activities

Looking for activities to practice TalkBack editing skills? While these posts include VoiceOver instructions, the same activities can be completed using the TalkBack commands listed above.

By Diane Brauner

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