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Navigating MacOS with VoiceOver Episode 1: Finder and keystroke overview

So you have a Mac and you are looking for tutorials on how to use/teach VoiceOver on the Mac. You’ve done Internet searches . . . but are not finding much. Challenge Solutions, a group of tech-savvy students who love their assistive technology, are creating a series of Mac with VoiceOver video tutorials. Here is the first episode, that demonstrates the dock, desktop, finder and menus.

Caitlyn does an amazing job of introducing the Mac in this video and she demonstrates a number of keyboard commands. The keyboard commands used in the video tutorial are listed below in the order they appear in the video.

Keyboard command abbreviations

VO = Control + Option (modifier keys)

Cmd = Command key (located to the left of the space bar)

Fn = Function key (located in the bottom left corner of the keyboard)

Ctrl = Control key (3rd key to the left of the space bar or to the right of the Function key)

Esc = Escape key

Keyboard commands

Group means that you have to interact with this group and that there are more items in the group.

Apple Menu which is located at the very top left and changes according to the open app that has the focus) and Status Bar Menu which is located at the top right and has items such as battery life, Wi-Fi, date and time, etc.

Video tutorial

Caitlyn does an excellent job in the video demonstrating basic information about using a Mac with VoiceOver. When uploading her video to YouTube, the screen recording of her video was lost. This is an excellent opportunity for teachers and students with some vision to practice their LISTENING skills.

Episode 1 video:

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