Navigating college readiness planning for students with visual impairment: a Compass information session

Learn more about Compass, our virtual enrichment program for college-aspiring high school students who are blind and visually impaired

Compass is a nine-month virtual program for college-aspiring high school students with visual impairment – designed to help them proactively explore and develop a plan for building the critical academic and blindness skills they need to reach their post-secondary goals.

It’s a coordinated approach that connects students from all over the U.S. – as well as their family members and TVIs – not just for skill-building and future-planning, but also for networking, peer support and friendship.

And it’s making an impact – on the students, their families and their educators.

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Check out this excerpt from our last info session:

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For more insight, check out our College Readiness Resource Center

For more insight into college readiness planning for students who are blind and visually impaired, visit our College Readiness Resource Center where we’re sharing the latest insight from experts, perspective on current research, and guidance from students, families and educators who have been there.

No matter where you are in your student’s journey, we have resources to support a proactive, effective approach to planning for what’s next.

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Our team is committed to changing the way students with blindness and visual impairment prepare for their post-secondary journeys. If you want to learn more, let’s talk.

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Alumni perspectives

We’ve taken our learnings and turned them into programs that work and help families make informed decisions.


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