Photo of ABC 3D printed Play-Doh stamps with text

National Play-Doh Day: Braille Play-Doh Stamps

What can be more fun than Play-Doh Braille activities?!

National Play-Doh Day is September 16th. How do you celebrate this fun day?

Braille Play-Doh Stamps

I love these braille Play-Doh Stamps! The stamps have a flat circle on the bottom with braille-size indentations. The top of the stamp, that the student grasps, is a round barrel with raised braille and is notched, so that the student knows which way to position the stamp to make the desired braille letter. (Notch goes in the upper left.) 

Photo of colorful 3D printed Play-Doh stamps with a round handle and raise braille dots; Show are

Braille Stamps are available through:

Note: Most high schools (and many middle schools) have 3D printers and will take on school-related projects. If you are not familiar with a 3D printer, contact your high school!

FYI: Upper and lowercase print Play-Doh stamps are also available through Lakeshore, Thingiverse, and other resources!

Play-Doh Fun Facts

Students love random facts! So here are a few Play-Doh facts:

By Diane Brauner

Cartoon girl holding a microphone.

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Symbol representing a written document.

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