Folded long cane with text

My Long Cane Book

Help peers learn about a long cane used by students with visual impairments through this free children's book!

I initially created a My Long Cane Book with a student who was being introduced to the long cane. The idea came after I had combed the internet for a children’s book about the long cane to share with him and came up dry. My thought process with the book was to use it as an education tool that would allow me to reinforce the students understanding of the concepts being taught. The book covers the basic concepts of the cane such as the parts, and why and how he uses it. This project also allowed this student to share the book with his classmates who were curious about his new cane. It opened up a line of communication between him and his peers allowing his peers to ask him additional questions. For the sake of this post I recreated the book using my daughter Delaney who is visually impaired. I hope you enjoy it!!

My Long Cane Book in PDF format.

My Long Cane Book in ePub format (can be opened in iBooks)

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Preschooler in dance clothes running with her cane to dance class. Text: "I have my cane when I go to dance."

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