Preschooler in dance clothes running with her cane to dance class. Text:

My Cane: A Preschooler’s Book

Where do you take your cane?

This preschooler loves her cane and she uses her cane every where she goes! Addyson’s cane – which she calls “Grapes” – goes to school, on the playground, to dance class, the museum, walks in the woods and more! This preschooler has a strong, positive relationship with her cane; and, her parents fully support Addyson’s cane skills by expecting her to use her cane wherever they go.

The family shares pictures with Andrea, Addyson’s TVI; Andrea places the pictures in a book format and assists the preschooler as she records the sentence that accompanies each page. This emerging reader book was designed to include the alphabetic word signs, “have”, “like”, and “go” which Addyson is learning to read. When given a braille/large print copy of the My Cane book at school, Addyson can tactually discriminate the alphabetic word signs and the word “I”.

The preschooler is also practicing her tech skills when she accesses the digital copy of the book. O&M, literacy, and tech; this book is a win-win-win!

As an O&M instructor, I personally love that the book reinforces the positive image of the cane!

As Dr. Seuss said, “Oh the places you’ll go!” Where will Addyson and Grapes goes next?

Download the My Cane ePub here.

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By Diane Brauner

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