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My Birthday

This accessible Apple Book details events that happen on a child's birthday.

In this Apple Book, the writer describes events that happen on their birthday. For each page, there is an image and text describing what they do on their birthday, from laughing with pals to blowing out the candles. See more iBooks created by Dr. Gary Bishop’s students

This iBook was created using the free app iBooks Author (no longer available) on an Apple computer. Apple Books (formerly iBooks) can be viewed on either an Apple computer or iOS device.

To open the book, click on My Birthday book. You must have the free Apple Book app on your computer or iOS device to view the book.  If using an Apple computer, the book will be physically located in your Download Folder (down arrow symbol located in the Tool bar at the top right).  Selecting the story (My Birthday) and open the book in Apple Books.  If you are using an iPad, select the attached book. Then, select Open In Apple Books.

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By Diane Brauner

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