Colorful dice.

Music Reveal Bingo for students with multiple disabilities

Roll the dice! Technology-based fun for students with multiple disabilities.

Are you looking for motivating tech-related activities for students with multiple disabilities? TSVI extraordinaire, Jessica McDowell, created Music Reveal Bingo for an older student who is really motivated by music. This young man uses YouTube to watch videos and to listen to music. He is building technology skills such as opening apps, searching (typing with help), scrolling and using play/pause buttons. This particular version of Music Reveal Bingo has been designed for a student with low vision, but a tactile version could be created using braille or tactile symbols, such as matching textures or shapes. Students can design the game themselves by picking their favorite music options.


The Music Reveal Bingo game incorporates a variety of skills:

Game skills

Social skills


These materials are needed to play the game:

Download and print the Music Reveal Bingo example materials (3 music album covers and number sets 1-6). Substitute your own music game cards by taking a screenshot of the student’s preferred music.

Options for rolling the dice


Players take turns rolling the dice. All players take the rolled number off their game card and put it in the box. When a player’s card is cleared, the players listen to a song by that artist or band.

Music Reveal Bingo for students with low vision video:

Description of the Music Reveal Bingo video

By Diane Brauner (content by Jessica McDowell)

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