braille cell with dot 6 replaced with a music quarter note.

Music Braille Wheel Field Test

Participate in APH's field testing of the Braille Music Wheel!

Do you have a braille student interested in music? The Music Braille Wheel is a portable reference tool designed to assist in teaching and learning the music braille code! APH is seeking music teachers, TSVIs or other interested parties to field test their newest music braille offering, Music Braille Wheel! No music braille knowledge needed! If you would like to be considered for participation, please fill out the interest survey.

Music Braille Wheel Interest Survey

Drawing of three people in front of a background of stars and planets with text, "Diaries of the Cosmos".

Diaries of the Cosmos: Hydrogen Hunters

7th grade Layla sits with her hands on a laptop running JAWS.

Benefits of mastering tech early: Layla, then and now!

Basketball hoop with ball whooshing through the net.

March Madness: Keyboard shortcut tournament