Multiplication Super Flashcards and NaviLens Activity

Spice up multiplications drills and Nemeth or UEB Code skills with this fun activity!

The very first set of NaviLens tags designed to help create Super Flashcards is now available free from Teachers Pay Teachers thanks to the generosity of the wonderful people of NaviLens (¡Muchas gracias Nuria y Javier!). 

Below is a 2.5 minute YouTube video with translatable closed captions that shows the idea:


Now for a description in words: Below is an image of an APH math drill card for the multiplication fact of “9 times 9.” This card comes with large print and either Nemeth or UEB braille math. At the bottom of the card I’ve added a very small (1/2″ or 13 mm square label) that has a colorful NaviLens tag added to it. 

The idea is that by adding NaviLens tags to the front and back of each of the 100 cards in the set students are now able to independently practice both math facts and reading math braille in any of the 33 languages* NaviLens supports. A best practice would be for students to use NaviLens hands-free by using a $5 – $15 phone lanyard so that they can hold and read the math braille with their fingers and then tip the card up so that NaviLens can then scan and speak the tag contents. 

Image 1: Front of 9 x 9 = APH Math Drill Card with NaviLens tag plus and additional enlarged tag for scanning.

APH 9 x 9 = flashcard in print and braille with a NaviLens tag - a small, colorful square.

Try it #1: Display the tag above on a computer or tablet screen (or print it) and then scan it using the free NaviLens app (not NaviLens GO) using your smartphone. You should hear “Nine times nine equals.”  

Try it #2: Scan the tag displayed below to hear the complete math fact “Nine times nine equals eighty-one”.

Image 2: Back of 9 x 9 = 81 APH Math Drill Card with NaviLens tag plus enlarged tag for scanning.

Image of back side of APH's 9 x 9 = 81 flashcard in print and braille with NaviLens tag - a small colorful square.

Go to Teachers Pay Teachers to download a free pdf that contains these 200 tags using the link below. Then print and add them to APH, TpT, Amazon, or homemade flashcards to create talking Super Flashcards. You may also request a free set of tags printed on 1/2″ x 1/2″ labels to be sent to you using a free account on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT). 

Get your free NaviLens tags here: TpT – Free NaviLens Tags for Talking Multiplication Facts Flashcards

A reduced sized image of the pdf is below. 

Image 3: NaviLens tags for 100 multiplication facts – available free from TpT thanks to NaviLens!

Image of the NaviLens multiplication flashcards PDF with 2 13x8 grids containing corresponding NaviLens tags for the front and back of the flashcards.

Image 4: Information sheet of the NaviLens Super Flashcards activity pdf.  Downloadable information sheet pdf here. When viewing this and using the NaviLens tag with the app, cover up all but one NaviLens tag. (Post-it Notes are handy!)

Image of the NaviLens multiplication lesson flier, with activity, images, and links to resources.

APH Flashcards

1.    Math Drill Cards: Multiplication Cards (Nemeth) $13

2.     Math Drill Cards: Multiplication Facts (UEB) $24

The great people of NaviLens have very graciously made the 200 NaviLens tags in this set free to the world! 

NaviLens has also created free NaviLens School Kits available too! Check them out!

This post has been reposted on Paths to Technology with permission from the author, Tim Fahlberg. Be sure to see Tim’s new “Smart Digital Signage for All” NaviLens blogs here.

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