Covers of two books: I Can (boy jumping) & My Glasses (pink glasses) and image from book: doll wearing glasses & holding a book.

More Digital Books for Early Readers

Creating 'triple-media' books for early readers: print, braille, auditory books!

Before winter break, I made 8 digital books for my students. Two of the books were Christmas gifts. I adapted and created 6 leveled reading books from the Reading Street program for my kindergarten student who is a dual media learner. The books included bold large print, color pictures, and alt text. Each book was printed so braille could be added to it. The student will preview and read each of the books with me using her iPad. She will listen to the book as it is read aloud using Voiceover and the Books apps, read the large print, and then read it in braille using a refreshable braille display. 

The last day of school, I gave my student a copy of a book she helped write titled I Can. The book also included large print and color pictures with alt text. The paper copy of the book included both print and braille. The student read the book using Voiceover and the Books app, as well as the large print using her vision. Afterwards, she read the hard copy of the book in braille. She was very excited to receive a book with both print and braille to take home and read to her family. For the purposes of this post, I have included an example of the book using images I downloaded from the internet instead of students’ pictures. 

The last book I created is titled My Glasses. It is an experience book for a student with CHARGE Syndrome who recently received glasses. The book included pictures of her glasses, her wearing the glasses, and a doll with glasses to encourage her to wear to her glasses. A doll with glasses is being used as part of a story box to go along with the digital book.  Below is the text from the book, as I can’t share the book with the student’s pictures. 

My Glasses

My glasses are pink. 

My glasses help protect my eyes. 

I am learning to wear my glasses. 

My teacher and parents help me put on my glasses. 

I look through my glasses and put the strap around my head. 

My doll wears glasses too. I can put her glasses on. 

I wear my glasses to play and learn. My doll wears her glasses too. 

I wear my glasses when I walk. My doll and other children wear their glasses too. When I rest or sleep, my teacher or parents help me take my glasses off. 

When I am not wearing my glasses, I put them in their case. 

My teacher and parents are happy when I wear my glasses. 

I like wearing my glasses. My doll likes wearing glasses too. 

I Can epub format

I Can PDF format

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