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More Cool Games that can be Played on Zoom Part 2: VI Twist

social distancing? No Problem! Play these games with a 'VI twist' through Zoom.

The initial post, Six Cool Games that can be Played on Zoom, was a huge success! More than 2,000 educators/families read this post the first week it was published and numerous TVIs asked Paths to Technology to share more game ideas. The games listed below have a VI (and O&M) twist! Game on!


Students can draw their own 4×5 grid (grids can be tactile, if needed!). The teacher can call out numbers, addition facts, multiplication facts, etc. and each student fills his/her BINGO card.

I Hear with my Little Ears

The teacher gathers a variety of household objects that make a unique sound. (Online recordings can be used too). Off camera, the teacher creates the sound (or plays the recorded sound) and asks the students to identify the sound. 

O&M Scavenger Hunt

Lots of gen ed teachers are doing scavenger hunts – asking their students to find specific items around the house. Ask the student to find specific items or they can choose 5 different types of items to show.

What are YOUR favorite Zoom Games with a VI Twist?

By Diane Brauner