Young girl with pig-tails intently pressing a chord command on her braille display.

More Braille Display Chords for the Young Student: Layla

Follow Layla's progression as she learns more refreshable braille display chord commands on her iPad.

There are 6 chords that Layla consistently uses now that she is in first grade: R chord, P chord, O chord, G chord, H chord, and D chord.

(See previous blog for R chord and P chord introduction).

O Chord (O is for Over)

The O chord (1+3+5+space) is a way to to skip “over” to the next page on the iPad.

*The corresponding voice over gesture is the 3 finger swipe left.

G Chord (G is for Grade)

The G chord (1+2+4+5+space) allows you to change between uncontracted (Grade 1) and contracted (Grade 2) braille output on the braille display.

Note: In iOS 9 and 10, G Chord toggles between uncontracted and contracted Braille Output.  Dropped H Chord (2+3+6+space) toggles Braille Input.  

H Chord (H is for Home)

The H chord (1+2+5+space) takes you to the home screen of the iPad.

D Chord (D is for Delete)

The D chord (1+2+4+space) is to delete.

Young fingers aligning with corresponding braille input keys to create a braille chord command.

Ideas for Using and Practicing Chords:


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By Rachel Harris

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