Model of the phases of the Moon

Moon Phases – Tactile Graphic

This model is of the phases of the Moon for students who are blind or visually impaired.

This tactile graphic is very easy to make and has worked well with my students.  I am unsure of who originally designed the model. Use this model to enhance student comprehension of the phases of the Moon.



1. Spray paint black one side of a large piece of corrugated cardboard.  Cardboard should be large enough to cut out eight  8″ diameter circles.

2. Cut out 8 circles of cardboard  with a diameter of 8″ each.

3. Make labels for each phase of the Moon in 48 pt bold and braille

4. Afix labels on the side of the circles that haven’t been spraypainted.

This is a picture of the label side of the model.
Label side of the model
This is a close-up picture of the label with large print and braille.
Close-up of the label with large print and braille.

5. Cut out the white sandpaper in appropriate shapes for the lighted portion of the Moon during each phase.  See picture below.

A picture of the phases of the Moon model.
Model of phases of the Moon

6. Glue the lighted portion onto each circle (as per labels on the back of the circles).

This model should be utilized for instruction in the phases of the Moon.  While the class is covering this content, present the student with the model in the appropriate order.  Ideally, the TVI will be present for this lesson.


This model can also be utilized along with the activity Moon phases – Active Model.

NGSS Standards

Middle School – Space Systems

By Laura Hospitál

Collage of moon phases

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