Cover of Monocular Mac written by Anne Corn and Pictures by Diane Dawson. Illustration of a boy looking through a monocular.

Monocular Mac: Free Children’s Book

A story about Billie and his experiences with his monocular, Mac.

A wonderfully well-written story about Billie and his monocular, Mac. The story is written from Billy’s perspective and how the monocular helps him to see.

The author, Anne Corn, is an expert in the VI field and has graciously sharing digital copies of the book for free. Here is what Anne wrote:

I’m writing to share a children’s book which you are welcome to print and distribute or to send to a child’s iPad. 

In 1977 I wrote the children’s book, Monocular Mac. It’s the story of a young child who receives his first monocular telescope. At that time copies were being given to children (ages approx. 3 – 8) who received a monocular. The organization that published it is no longer in existence. Last year I received a call from Ulrich Zeun, a special educator in Germany who found the book and wanted copies. He arranged for both an English and a German translation to become available. 

You may need to change the preferences to a two page layout before printing. 

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. You may want to send this story to a child for a holiday gift or whenever they receive a monocular. 


Download the free pdf copy of Monocular Mac here!

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