Disc golf

Modified Disc Golf

Make simple modifications to adapt the outdoor game for all to enjoy!

Disc golf is a physically active lifetime recreational game played outdoors with Frisbee-style discs in a similar fashion to golf. This modified activity is played in a smaller environment with slightly different equipment but designed for the development of basic disc golf concepts, rules, and skills. The skills worked on within this activity are directly related to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education National Standards and components of the Expanded Core Curriculum. Lessons include Adapted Physical Education, Orientation and Mobility, and Recreation and Leisure.

Download the Checklist of Instructional Modifications and Skills Involved in Modified Disc Golf


Disc Golf 2

Set up and prep:

Playing the game:

Hint: Instructors should be aware of each student’s limitations, and check with the medical team member to ensure the activity is suitable.

By MLaCortiglia

Two grinning kindergarten students with arms around each other.

Well, brl is my thing!

Using a black pen, tracing a student drawing onto Swell paper which is over a raised line drawing on top of the Lightbox.

HOW TO turn a tactile drawing film drawing into PIAF image: Sharpie method


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