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Middle School Virtual O&M: Thursday Zoom Meetings

Join these lively virtual meetings on O&M-related topics!

Sarah Moreau and John Clare, O&Ms in Alaska, invite middle school O&M students to connect through Zoom, every Thursday during COVAD-19 school closures. The first virtual meeting was Thursday March 26, 2020.

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Notes from March 26 Virtual Meeting

Sarah shared these comments after the first meeting:

Today was our first time gathering! We had 67 participants!!!! 

Beyond introducing each other, and getting free time to chat, we provided a little homework to do and think about when not reading, sleeping, or playing video games. 

  1. Walk around perimeter of house by hand trailing or shoreling with cane.
  2. Imagine you need to use the restroom in a building you have never been in, and think of three questions you would ask to locate the restroom. 

We enjoyed meeting everyone, seeing all of the kids chat and mingle and start to form a friendship. 

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