Bingo game with Word Keyboard Commands.

Microsoft Word Keyboard Commands Activities: Quiz and BINGO

Game activities to practice Microsoft Word Keyboard Commands with BLV students.

Are you looking for activities for your low vision student to practice his/her Microsoft Word Keyboard commands?  TVI Naomi Reed, St Louis Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired, shares her keyboard commands BINGO cards and BINGO drawing cards.  Simply print out the BINGO cards and BINGO drawing cards.  If desired, print them on card stock (or braille paper) to make them sturdier.  Review using the BINGO drawing cards (keyboard command and the action), then cut apart the BINGO drawing cards.  Separate the keyboard command from the action cards.   Shuffle the action cards. The student can draw a card and name the corresponding keyboard command.  The teacher and student (or students) can mark the corresponding place on the BINGO card. Download the Keyboard Command List for the Bingo game here.

Also included is a Microsoft Word Keyboard Quiz.

by Naomi Reed

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