MGH pediatric stroke education series

Learn about CVI and other topics related to pediatric stroke, and how to enhance brain development.

Prenatal, perinatal and pediatric stroke are some of the common causes of CVI.

The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Pediatric Stroke Team hosts a monthly series of virtual educational sessions with families and experts. Topics are wide-ranging and focus on ways to enhance your child’s development at home, in school, and in the community. All parents and caregivers are welcome.

Past events included topics on adaptive sports, processing speed, auditory processing disorder (APD), movement therapy, speech and language, and visual processing. Below are two recordings from this series that focus on CVI. 

The brain, visual system, neuroplasticity and CVI presented by Dr. Lotfi Merabet. 
CVI: The hidden visual impairment presented by Ellen Mazel, Marguerite Tibaudo, and Rachel Bennett

Register for future virtual education sessions and explore other videos on the MGH Pediatric Stroke Education’s YouTube channel.