Dr. Nicole Ross presents Diagnosing CVI

Dr. Nicole Ross, OD, MSc., FAAO, discusses how she evaluates and diagnosis CVI.

CVI Now hosted a live virtual event on Diagnosing CVI, held on January 12, 2021. Dr. Nicole Ross, an attending optometrist at NECO Center for the Eye and Perkins Low Vision Clinic, presented and answered parent questions about co-occurring ocular conditions and CVI and how she evaluates and diagnoses CVI.

Specific topics include:

Biggest takeaway: Research shows that individuals with CVI can have co-occurring ocular conditions (Fazzi, et al., 2007). The question that medical providers must ask when working with patients with CVI: Are all the behaviors and concerns explained by what’s going on with the eyes? And if not, further evaluation is required.

“Sometimes it’s difficult to identify the issues right away, but we do want to be consistent with our follow-up and track how things are going. Is everything explained by what’s going on with the eye, or is there something more here? The questionnaires [Teach CVI, Dutton Inventory] that we have patients do can be really helpful to make sure we’ve got a comprehensive understanding of the difficulties that patients are experiencing.” -Dr. Nicole Ross

Dr. Nicole Ross, OD, MSc., FAAO is an attending optometrist for NECO Center for Eye Care and Perkins Low Vision Clinic. She is an Associate Professor of Optometry at the New England College of Optometry. Dr. Ross has authored several research papers, abstracts, and recently co-authored a textbook chapter on stroke rehabilitation. CVI families praise Dr. Ross for her thoughtful, detailed, and comprehensive evaluations of patients with unique vision needs, including CVI and ocular conditions. 

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Fazzi, E., Signorini, S. G., Bova, S. M., La Piana, R., Ondei, P., Bertone, C., Misefari, W., & Bianchi, P. E. (2007). Spectrum of Visual Disorders in Children With Cerebral Visual Impairment. Journal of Child Neurology, 22(3), 294–301. 

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