Matt Tietjen presents CVI and the math mind

Matt Tietjen, TVI, discusses the neuroscience of math, how CVI can make math difficult, and promising practices for helping kids with CVI learn math.

CVI and Math

Parents know how difficult math concepts can be for some of our kids with CVI. So many visual skills and visual processing skills go into math concepts such as 1:1 counting, number sense, time, and equations. We also know that our kids are very capable and have workarounds for a wide range of tasks in life. How can we approach math from a strength-based perspective, one that incorporates multisensory learning and CVI adaptations, supports, and accommodations?

CVI Now hosted a live virtual event on CVI and the Math Mind, held on February 12, 2021. Matt Tietjen, a TVI and leader in the CVI field, presented and answered parent questions about

Exploring the intersection of math and CVI is new territory in the CVI field, so Matt had a lot to discuss and share. Matt presents for about 90 minutes and the Q&A begins at the 1:42 time stamp. 

Matt Tietjen, TVI and M.Ed, is an education consultant and teacher of students with visual impairments in Connecticut. Matt is a leader in the CVI field. He developed the What’s the Complexity Framework that enables educational teams to evaluate and address barriers to a visually accessible school day. Matt also created the 2D Image Assessment, a tool that evaluates what your child’s most accessible two-dimensional images are for learning. Matt is passionate about teaching families and educators about CVI and partnering with them to create CVI-driven educational programs. 

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