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Math in Today’s Classrooms: Math Survey

High school math best practices are evolving - help break down barriers by taking this math survey!

What are best practices in the US for blind and low vision students taking high school math courses? The short answer is that we do not know; however, Dr. Tina Herzberg and Dr. Rett McBride are hard at work on this challenging topic!

Back-in-the-day, all students received assignments, textbooks, and assessments in print, large print or braille formats, making math best practices easy and consistent across the US. However, in the 21st century classroom materials and assessments at the high school level are typically online and/or in a digital format. Why is this challenging? The two critical issues are: 

  1. How to make diagrams, charts, graphs and other math-related images accessible in a digital format.
  2. Making accessible math equations and diagrams – especially the ability for educators to create accessible materials and for students to input math using a screen reader and/or braille display.

The first step to creating best practices for math is to understand what high school math courses BLV students are taking, what works well/what does not, and current tools that students are successfully using. This data will be used to identify trends, to begin to better address barriers, and on a national level, to develop a more consistent approach to accessing and teaching math to students who are blind or low vision. This includes identifying what types of training TSVIs need to support their students.

This is YOUR chance to support your BLV students in high school math classes! It takes numerous responses for the researchers to find trends and to draw accurate conclusions which guides the focus for removing existing barriers. Please take this 15-minute survey!

The survey is open to itinerant teachers of students with visual impairments practicing in the United States or its territories during the 2022-2023 school year who are supporting 1 or more high school students in a general education math class.


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