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Math by Ear: Introduction

Audio math lessons for middle and high school students!

Something blind students often don’t get to enjoy is Math. Whether it is graphs and figures, absence of Nemeth Braille and Math ML material, blind students are all too often confronted with artificial barriers to an accessible Math education. As someone who has faced and overcome these challenges first hand, Bhavya Shah is now busy bridging this gap through Math By Ear.

Math By Ear is a virtual audio lesson series for blind and visually impaired middle school and high school students. This self-paced online material goes through concepts, methods, and practice questions rigorously but accessibly. Plus, you have a blind student who has perfect scored both the SAT Math 2 subject test and the AP Calculus exam himself as your teacher!

If you are a student, parent, or teacher who has bought into the myth that Math is ‘too visual’ for the blind, think again. Learn Math by ear.

The video below introduces Math by Ear.


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