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March Madness: Keyboard shortcut tournament

Can you pick the most popular keyboard shortcut? Join in the March Madness with this fun AT game!

Update 3/20/23: Here is the new March Madness link. See below for updated schedule.

Update 3/16/23: There is a glitch in the tournament form which will be resolved soon. Please wait for the updated round 1; the new start date for Round 1 voting is Monday, March 20th.

March in the US marks the end of basketball season and provides so many opportunities to run fun bracket competitions. Maybe you’re like me, and you like keyboard shortcuts more than basketball. Join me and my students in the 2023 Screenreader Shortcut Tournament of Champions! 

Last year I ran this with five students and used an Excel spreadsheet to manually keep track of votes. We started with a student-generated list of 64 shortcuts and finally crowned our winner, F6! Participants were shocked when fan-favorite alt + F4 wasn’t the overall champion, but it lost out in round 6 to control + F. It was a great way to spark conversations about shortcuts that some of the students didn’t know and to argue for our favorites. I’m going to try to run a global, online version this year, but if the tech doesn’t work out, you can still play along at home.

This activity is designed for intermediate screen reader users (know how to touch type, may use a screen reader daily) but can be adapted to beginners. Voting is based on the function of the keyboard shortcut, not the specific keys, so that all operating systems and screen readers can participate. The JAWS/Windows commands are included in parentheses after each contestant and in the resource document for this post since that’s what my students use.

How can you use it? 

Rounds Schedule

New rounds start Monday and Thursday (with the first round going for a full week). Here’s the NEW schedule:

Tournament ends Weds, April 10th at midnight PST.

Warning, the first round has 32 contests and will take a while to get through!

Keyboard commands

Here is the NEW Screenreader Shortcut Tournament of Champions voting link. Vote now!

Download the Keyboard shortcut tournament 2023 JAWS laptop reference sheet

Would you like to make a companion to my reference document for NVDA, VoiceOver, or another screen reader? Email Diane! [email protected]

Update: The 2023 Winner is . . . . Alt + F4!

by Jennifer Soltis

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