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Non-visual digital maps are fully accessible maps that are being used by students for O&M purposes and for educational purposes in mainstream classrooms.

Non-visual digital maps

Non-visual digital maps are fully accessible maps that are being used by students for O&M purposes and for educational purposes in mainstream classrooms. These virtual maps are created in Google My Maps. Students with visual impairments or blindness can convert them to non-visual digital maps using SAS Graphics Accelerator-a free extension for Google Chrome.

The SAS Graphics Accelerator Summary Page is an organized list of all the posts related to non-visual digital maps.

Getting started with non-visual digital maps

Start here for general information about non-visual digital maps and instructions on how to install the required SAS Graphics Accelerator on Chrome. 

Accessing and/or editing a map from the Map Library

Searching for a map or map-related lesson? Browse the available maps in the Map Library. Learn how to access a map and how to copy an existing map to make quick edits. 

Teaching students how to use non-visual digital maps

Ready to introduce your student to non-visual digital maps? Here are tried and true activities to set your student up for success!

Creating customized non-visual digital maps

Easily create customized, accessible digital maps for O&M purposes, educational use in gen ed classrooms, for personal knowledge and to spark curiosity! Learn how to create your own map and the best practices for different map types.

Types of maps currently available

Teaching O&M Concept Lessons

Photo of Pittsboro's historic courthouse and text, "John's O&M Lesson #1"

While any map can be used for O&M purposes, the maps in this section were created specifically for O&M purposes. Many of these maps have associated O&M blog posts.

College Campus Maps

Brick building on a college campus

College campuses tend to be challenging, complex environments with few streets and numerous internal sidewalks. Students transitioning to college often need significant time to learn their college campus. These college campus maps were created to help students learn what is on campus and to develop a strong mental map of campus – and can be used remotely before physically walking on campus. A big thanks to SAS Summer 2020 Interns for creating many of the university campus maps! Note: The majority of these university maps have hundreds of data points – which can be initially overwhelming. Before creating and/or introducing a complex map, start with an smaller map that provides an overview or start with a smaller map of one section. Build a foundation before introducing a complex campus map! See Creating Customized Non-Visual Digital College Campus Maps post for details.

Schools for the Blind

Post: Build a Mental Map of Campus (Your school for the blind)

K12 Schools and K12 Schools with Surrounding Areas

Cartoon image of an old-fashioned school house.

General Guidelines for Creating Non-Visual Digital Maps of K12 Schools, Camps and Parks post

Local Parks

Scout Camps

Metropolitan Areas

Metropolitan Area (Dallas)

A huge thank you to the SAS 2021 summer interns for adding 40+ Metro Maps! These maps are designed for college students and/or young professionals who are traveling to new cities for work, pleasure or school. The goal is to learn about points of interest around the cities and to develop a mental map of where these areas are in relationship to one another. K12 students who live in or near these cities or who are traveling to these cities will also enjoy these metro maps. For more information, see the Creating Non-Visual Digital Maps of Metropolitan Areas post.


Build geography skills and gain a broader sense of the world with these maps! A big thanks to the 2022 SAS Interns who have created 35+ country maps. These maps are designed for students and adults who are studying different countries, building global awareness, and/ or who are planning on traveling to these countries.

Municipalities and Political Boundaries

Colorful US map with states and capitals labeled

Geographic Features

Social Studies/History

Photo of Gettysburg Cannon

Travel and Leisure

Golden Gate Bridge at sunset