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Map Explore: New O&M Game!

Practice O&M skills and mental mapping skills through available and customized touch-explore maps!

We, ObjectiveEd, are excited to announce a brand new game to help students practice their Orientation and Mental Mapping skills!

Map Explore is an innovative new game that uses Google Maps information and custom software to create digital touch-explore maps for students to explore with their finger.

Students can track streets using sonification and explore maps that you create and find custom pins that you add.

The video below demonstrates Map Explore.

If you are interested in trying out Map Explore, make sure to download the latest version of the ObjectiveEd Games App from the App Store (Ver. 1.9) and then see our User guides on (linked below). 

Note: The Map Explore game is available only to current ObjectiveEd customers. 

Learn more about ObjectiveEd here!


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