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Lesson plan

Making Choices

Develop communication skills and self-expression with simple choice-making activities.

Children should be given the opportunity to make choices throughout the day, within the natural context.  Making choices helps students to express their wishes, as well as to exercise some degree of control over their lives.  Choices should be meaningful and should include at least one option of something the child enjoys.  While some things are not choices (e.g. the end of a class period or going to a medical appointment), some element of choice can often be introduced. 

This activity is designed to give a student with complex needs practice expressing choices in a simple, controlled way.  The goals of this activity are for students:

Students should be given the chance to make choices in all areas of the daily routine. Mealtime and free time usually include an element of choice, but almost any activity can be structured in a way that offers some choice (e.g., which work task would you like to do first, which item of clothing would you like to put on next, etc.). Decision-making skills should be reinforced throughout the student’s day.

By Charlotte Cushman

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