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Live Text Feature: Picking Text out of an Image

Want to know what text is embedded in the image? Watch this student-created video tutorial!

Live Text has been added to macOS Monterey and iOS 15! This means that if you take a photo or screen shot, you can now select the text and have it read aloud. Example: Snap a picture of a menu, sign or even handwriting on a white board or take a screen shot. The text in these images can now be read a loud! Note: This works with old photos (not just recent images).

The Live Text feature is also available on 2018 and iOS 15 devices.

How to Use Live Text on macOS Monterey

Note: Speak Selection must be turned on. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility, then click Spoke Content. Select the “Speak Selection” checkbox. Click “options” to set the keyboard shortcut.

Some users prefer to copy the text into a document. Example: Students who are taking a picture of the teacher’s handwritten notes on the whiteboard. Once the text is highlighted, use Command+C or right click to choose Copy the text then paste the text (Command+V) into a document.

Video Tutorial for Mac

Tech savvy high schooler, Tyler Sheft, created a video tutorial to demonstrate how he uses Live Speak.


How to Use Live Text on iOS

Note: Speak Selection must be turned on. Go to Settings > Accessibility > spoken Content. Turn on Speak Selection: To hear text you selected, tap the Speak Button.



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