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“Letter School” App: learn to write letters and numbers

Engaging app with 3 levels of progression, visual & audio feedback to learn to write upper & lower case letters & numbers.

My students & I love the Letter School app – It is very engaging & kids can do it independently, don’t have to rely on adult prompting. Large letters/numbers with visual and audio cues & feedback. I prefer to use a stylus to help learn to grasp an implement from the start.

Level 1 shows letter and dots where to begin & end the strokes. If you touch wrong one, sound is a “dud” and does not let you continue. Choose right one, it shows how to form the 1st stroke. Continues til letter is formed. Can practice as much as needed. Visual & audio reinforcement varies with the letter.

Level 2 shows starting points & lines but student needs to execute the strokes. Gives cues if they can’t get it. New pic and sound reinforcement when this is done.

3rd level requires independent execution of strokes with cues provided after several failed attempts. Fireworks & song after success!

Settings let you choose up to 3 students, a typeface, upper, lower letters or numbers. Opening screen shows a star next to each letter you have completed. “Lite” version is free but whole alphabet not included. In-app purchase is $6.99 & well worth it. Download to your phone & can refine motor skills on smaller screen.


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