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Lesson Plans for JAWS and for iOS

JAWS lesson plans organized by tasks complete with vocabulary terms, commands and activities!

Hello. My name is Rebecca, but everyone calls me Becca. As a blind user of assistive technology for many years, I’ve loved technology since I was little. I think it’s so important that students learn to use assistive technology, more specifically, a computer. Using a computer opens up so many opportunities and allows students to see what is possible for them. In August of 2021 I started my first job as an Assistive Technology Teacher at the Overbrook School for the Blind. I love working with my students and watching them learn how to use their technology to become a proficient user. These lesson plans were primarily designed using the Screen Reader Curriculum from Cody Laplante from Eye.T. This format helps to explain concepts in a way that makes sense to students. Other topics include navigating applications on iOS and the ABCs of iOS and the iOS Skills Checklist from Diane Brauner. I hope you enjoy these plans and please reach out with any questions!

Editor’s Note: The JAWS lessons are in alphabetical order. I suggest starting with the Screen Reader Skills Progression.

iOS VoiceOver Curriculum for 3-8 year olds and iOS Skills Checklist

Note: The APH handout was from the recorded webinar titled eMailing it in: JAWS and Gmail in Standard View.

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Keyboarding curriculum: Accessibyte’s Typio Pro vs. Typio

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Multimedia accessibility: The multimodal toolbox approach