Matthew Shifrin sitting in front of a table full of Lego sets that he built independently.

Lego Instructions for the Blind

Text instructions of numerous Lego sets created for blind builders.

Do you want to independently build your own Lego sets but are unable to see the visual directions?  Check out Matthew Shifrin’s website!  Matthew is an avid Lego builder who happens to be blind.  On his website, he shares written text instructions for 20 Lego sets – these instructions describe in detail the various Lego pieces and how to connect the pieces tactually when you are not able to see the pieces.  Matthew also shares hints on how to organize the Lego subsets into Ziplock bags before starting to build the set.

Read about Matthew and his hints for building Lego sets.

Text Instructions for various Lego sets.

Interested in learning more about Legos for students who are visually impaired? There are multiple Lego-related Paths to Technology posts, including Braincraft’s interview with Matthew, Legos in Education, Hi-Tech Legos and more.  

Update: 1/22/18 Here is Matthew’s website with all of his available Lego kit instructions!

By Diane Brauner

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