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Learning VoiceOver for iOS: SRT part 2

Check out this exciting new way for students to learn VoiceOver on the iPad through the interactive website and games!

You’ve been introduced to the concept of the Screen Reader Training (SRT) website, but let’s dive deeper into content, beginning with the Voiceover for iOS Course. 

Navigating to the Voiceover for iOS Course

On the homepage of the SRT you will find a list of available courses. To find the Voiceover for iOS course you will select “Voiceover” from the list, followed by selecting “Voiceover for iOS” on the next page. Every course begins with a welcome page, where you can find out tips for turning on the screen reader, materials you will need to complete the course, the course objectives, and a lesson library. You can follow any of the lesson links to access the content you wish to explore. We suggest starting with lesson 1 and continuing sequentially through the course. But if you ever need a refresher on a specific component, feel free to jump to that lesson from the library located on the welcome page. 

Navigating to the VoiceOver for iOS Course on the SRT website video:

Interacting with course content

Follow each lesson as it guides you through learning about the different gestures you will use to navigate your device with Voiceover. Sprinkled throughout the course you will find fun and silly riddles and puzzles to practice your skills. The following video demonstrates a practice page located in lesson 2 of the Voiceover for iOS course. Students have the ability to practice manipulating the rotor and locating specific elements to move throughout the page. Users are required to navigate by headings and buttons to read and answer the riddles on the page. Have fun with it!

Demonstration of the VoiceOver for iOS SRT Course Content video:

More learning in the game portal

Once a student has completed the entire course, there is still more fun to be had in the game portal. There are escape rooms, a library, and a spaceship and guide animal design studio. This video demonstrates the spaceship design activity. It’s a chance to blend your student’s creativity with the robust skillset they’ve just developed. Check it out!

Demonstration of the Game Portal and VoiceOver Performance video:

We hope you find ways to incorporate the Voiceover for iOS course into your instruction, and always feel free to fill out the contact feedback form on the SRT website to provide valuable comments and questions. 

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By Allison Mello

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