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The iBooks section of Paths to Technology is a depository of iBooks – digital resources created by educators, family members and students

Update: This section has been expanded to include other types of ePub books as well as the original iBooks.

The iBooks section of Paths to Technology is a depository of iBooks – digital resources created by educators, family members and students.  iBooks are interactive digital books that can include pictures, videos, music/sounds, accessible mathematical equations and more.   These books incorporate all the built-in accessibility features of iOS devices, including Zoom, VoiceOver and VoiceOver paired with a refreshable braille display.  iBooks can only be read on Apple devices.

Examples of Types of Teacher-Made iBooks

iBooks author app iconUsing the free iBooks Author app, educators can easily create not only stories, but also educational activities complete with multiple-choice questions.   iBooks can be created for any level of student and on any subject.  The Paths to Technology post M&M Activity: iBook, is an example of a math activity involving a table of M&M colors and questions pertaining to the table.  Cody’s O&M Adventures: iBook explains how two high school students with multiple disabilities created stories about their O&M lessons.  These stories were made into an iBook that they then accessed with an iPad paired to a Bluetooth keyboard or a refreshable braille display.  The Alphabet Sound: iBook post is an example of an iBook with simple alphabet picture book and sounds associated with each letter.  This book is ideal for students learning their alphabet.  NOTE: iBooks Author app is no longer available; however, the books that were created with iBooks Author continue to be compatible with Apple Books (formally iBooks).

Examples of Published iBooks

Apple Books are only available on iOS devices and Macs.  There are many wonderful published books –both for purchase and free – available in the Apple Book Store/iTunes.  The fun, multi-touch book, Edwin the Super Duper Otter by the Seattle Aquarium is one example of a free, published book available in the Apple Book Store.  


Some of the free activities in the Books section on Paths to Technology may feature images and sounds that are protected by copyright. Where possible, permission to use the images and sounds has been sought; however, if you are the copyright owner of any sound or image and would rather they were not used in these teaching activities for students with visual impairments and blindness, please contact [email protected] and the resource containing the copyrighted material will be removed.

Guidelines for Books

How to Create your own Book

For detailed instructions, go to the Paths to Technology posts about Story Creator app and Book Creator app. Read the Paths to Technology post about Tar Heel Reader website. (Tar Heel Reader is geared for older beginner readers.)

How to Post Your iBook

Please share teacher-made, family-made, student-made iBooks with others by posting your appropriate iBooks here on the Paths to Technology website!  For information on how to post on Paths to Technology, go to Learn How to Share Your Ideas!  

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