Sienna sitting crosslegged in a comfy chair with her long black hair pulled over 1 shoulder holding an iPad

Learn How to Code Being a Blind Kid: Video #2 Swift Playgrounds

This vivacious fourth grader created a video demonstrating how she uses block coding in the Swift Playgrounds app.

Sienna, a vivacious 4th grader from Guatemala, created a quick video demonstrating the Swift Playgrounds app. Swift Playgrounds is Apple’s app that teaches students how to code using quirky characters who are navigated through puzzle worlds (mazes). In this video, Sienna demonstrates how she uses an embossed tactile map of the maze to determine her route and then chooses the correct sequence of coding blocks to direct the character through the maze. 

In the video, the Swift Playgrounds screen has an interactive picture of the puzzle maze at the top of the screen, directions are in the middle of the screen, an open area where her code is entered, and code block buttons along the bottom of the screen. Sienna has an embossed tactile version of this maze on her desk beside her iPad. Sienna uses right and left swipes to navigate through the puzzle and double taps to select the desired code block.



By Ericka Oliva

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