Photo: smiling 4th grader with long braided pigtails sitting in her room with an iPad and text

Learn how to code being a blind kid: Video #1 CodeQuest

This vivacious fourth grader created a video to share her love of coding with other students who are visually impaired.

Sienna, a fourth grade student in Guatemala, shares her experiences about coding/robotics class at school and her search for accessible coding applications for students with visual impairments. In this first video, Sienna explores an app that Sienna says is perfect for the first steps in the coding field! The app is called CodeQuest. In the video below, Sienna shares her experiences and demonstrates the CodeQuest app.

Note: The CodeQuest app is now available through APH. See Teaching the CodeQuest app to students who are visually impaired post.


By Ericka Oliva

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