Layla: 4 Year Old Learning VoiceOver and Braille Video

Video of a blind preschooler and her first three accessible apps.

This summary video follows a four year old student as she is learning to use an iPad, VoiceOver gestures and a refreshable braille display.  This 9 minute video begins in September with Layla being introduced to an iPad using VoiceOver gestures and ends in January with Layla reading and writing braille using an iPad paired with a refreshable braille display.  For information about the three apps Layla uses in this video, go to “Layla’s Three Preschool Apps Video” post.



Introducing iPad VoiceOver Accessibility to young children with visual impairments

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By Diane Brauner

4x4 grid of the snowman Sudoku puzzle with snowman, carrot and hat images.

Snowman Sudoku: Logical Thinking

Donner wireless foot pedal and music note

forScore app for low vision: Donner foot pedal

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