Three pairs of safety goggles in a pile.

Lab Safety Rules Role-Play

Students write and perform skits in which they break the lab safety rules in order to better remember and comprehend the rules.

In this activity, students write and perform skits in which they break the lab safety rules.  I have found that my students enjoy the opportunity to “break” the rules and have better comprehension and retention of the lab safety rules through this activity.  As the groups of students discuss the rules and decide on which rules to break, the members of the group are contemplating the rules more than if the rules were just read aloud in class. 


Lab equipment as requested by the students including: 


Students may want to use lab equipment for their plays.  If available, provide the materials that they need.



Students with lower literacy levels may not be required to write the play, but just to memorize it and perform it.

NGSS Standards:

By Laura Hospitál

Collage of lab safety role play

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