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Kindergarten and First Grade Sight Words Lesson

Here is an engaging sight word lesson that can be done in class or remotely!

Remote instruction activities can be challenging for young students to sit through. We know that early elementary students have trouble sitting still in class and the wiggles are even harder with remote instruction. These fun sight word lessons include structured dance time while practicing over 40 sight words!

The video displays one large print word at a time and anounces the word. Students repeat the word after the word is announced. After a handful of words, a short intermission encourages the kids to get up and dance!

This activity can easily be modified for braille students by providing the words in braille (either in paper braille or a digital copy). Students can listen to the video while reading the words in braille. Add contracted braille if desired!

Kindergarten Sight Word Dance Song Video:

First Grade Sight Word Video:

The next video includes spelling these sight words along with the dance intermission!

Kindergarten Spelling Dance Song video:


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