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While looking for public fall-themed educational activities, I came across Kids Listen, podcasts for kids. Kids Listen is unique in that all the content is created and designed for young kids! These engaging podcasts are created people who are dedicated to creating high-quality audio content for kids. There are currently 28 contributing members/groups providing podcasts on a wide variety of topics.

What is a Podcast?

Podcasts are entertaining (and many are educational!) auditory stories on demand. Typically, podcasts are available as series and listeners can subscribe to receive each installment as it is published.

Kids Listen

Learn more about Kids Listen on their website: Kids Listen Website. You can search for and listen to podcasts from the website. As an educator, this is an easy way to locate podcasts that align with what I am teaching. Once you find a desired podcast, you can send the link to your student. Since podcasts are meant to be “on-the-go”, students (or parents) can download the free Kids Listen app and then listen to the podcast on a smart phone or tablet.


Podcasts and audio books by nature are accessible for students with visual impairments. These quality podcasts include engaging topics geared for students along with embedded sounds and intrigue. Some of the podcasts were created with student voices – making them even more attractive to students!

The iOS Kids Listen app is accessible with VoiceOver. Although, if the menu on the left side is opened, I could not close the menu with VoiceOver on. (Work around: Turn VoiceOver off and tap anywhere on the right side of the screen to close the menu.) Android accessibility was not checked.

Finding Podcasts on Kids Listen

When searching for podcasts, you can search for keywords, list of all podcasts, or browse podcasts by age. The age categories are subdivided into sections as well:

  • Ages 5 and Under

    • April Eight Songs and Stories 
    • Ear Snacks (musical podcasts about the world)
    • Peace Out
    • View Playlist
  • Ages 5-8

    • April Eight Songs and Stories 
    • Book Power for Kids!
    • Brains On! Science podcasts for kids
    • View Playlist
  • Ages 8 and Above

    • Book Club for Kids
    • Brains On! Science podcasts kids
    • But Why: A podcast for Curious Kids (Answering student questions!)
    • View Playlist

Starter Episodes in this playlist, each podcaster chooses the episode they think is best for you to listen to first. Start here!

Latest Playlists is a quick way to find the most recent podcasts. This section is also divided into different groups/topics.

Remember, I found Kids Listen when I was searching for fall-themed activities, so after randomly listening to a few podcasts (yes, podcasts are addictive!), I did a search for “Halloween” podcasts. Below is the first Halloween podcast that popped up, the Which Witch and Goblin podcast by April Eight Songs and Stories, episode 32.

Kids Listen has a section called Activity Podcast that includes an educational podcast and then a written activity. Season 1 has 50 episodes. The Past and the Curious – Bridges!  is the first episode of Season 1 and includes a Build Your Own Bridge activity. (Note: The Activity Podcasts and activities are very popular during the pandemic!) Below is the description of the Past and the Curious – Bridges! podcast.

“Two Tales connected by bridges. First, Emily Roebling winds up as a lead engineer in the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, the first American woman to find herself in such a position. Second, Sonny Rollins, one of the greatest saxophonists in history isn’t happy with his playing, despite the fame he receives. His days on a bridge change his life. Also, quiz time, and a visit from Dr. Awkward, the Palindrome Professor.”

Did I mention these podcast are highly entertaining – and possibly addictive? Below is a podcast with a title that caught my attention, Pandemic Birthdays (Episode 7 by At Your Level). Note: This podcaster is an 11 year old boy and includes input from various student listeners!

Browsing through podcast titles and descriptions in Kids Listen is like walking through a candy store. So many choices – how can you choose just one?

By Diane Brauner

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