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Keyboard Shortcuts Part I: Sharon’s Shortcuts

Step-by-step instructions on keyboard shortcuts - dedicated to JAWS/NVDA screen reader users!

Updated 11/11/22

Do you use a PC?  Chances are you know and use some keyboard shortcuts, such as the keyboard commands to copy (Control + C) and paste (Control + V).  You probably use the keyboard command to Select All (Control + A); however, did you know that when your cursor is at the beginning of the text, you can hold down the shift key and press the arrow key to select specific text?  There are many keyboard shortcut commands available that most users are not aware of.

Sharon’s Shortcuts is an online, set-by-step resource for keyboard shortcuts, including those who use screen readers, such as NVDA or JAWS.  Keyboard shortcuts enable users to quickly navigate and interact with a PC without using a mouse.  Currently, this resource covers these general tasks/applications:

Note: A new tip is added every week!

The step-by-step instructions are broken down into easily digested chunks of information, suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced users.

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Teacher Hint: Learning to use keyboard commands will not only make YOU (as a sighted teacher) have more efficient keyboarding skills, it will also help you understand the general keyboard commands that screen readers use. Yes, being personally proficient with keyboard commands will make it easier to teach screen reader commands to your students with visual impairments!  Students can boost their tech skills by signing up for Shortcuts of the Week! Start now by signing up to receive Sharon’s Shortcuts of the Week weekly emails.


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