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Keep swimming: A community conversation with Paralympic gold medalist Becca Meyers

In this Career Launch speaker series event, Paralympic Gold Medalist Becca Meyers talks about advocacy, accessibility and allyship - in athletics and at work

In this session, Brian Switzer, author, deafblind athlete and Training & Program Specialist for Career Launch @ Perkins chatted with Paralympic Gold Medalist Becca Meyers about the unique experience of living with deafblindness – at work, in the community and in the Paralympic pool..

Their discussion covered the parallels between setting goals at work and in athletics, career advice for achieving work-life balance, accessibility challenges facing folks with dual disabilities and insight into how to be an ally to someone with Usher Syndrome.

It’s a can’t-miss conversation!

Becca Meyers is a three-time Paralympic Gold Medalist, six-time World Champion Gold Medalist, and holds 23 American Records, and 10 World Records.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Becca has Usher Syndrome and has been deaf since she was born. She could not hear anything for the first few years before she began using a cochlear implant, an electronic device that allows her to hear. Becca is legally blind and relies on her Seeing Eye dog, Birdie, to navigate the world. Becca began to swim at the age of six in 2000.

Becca is devoted to spreading awareness of the Paralympic community and shining a light on the inequities of the disability community.

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