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JAWS Topics: Helpful Hint for Bluetooth Pairing a Braille Display

You may need to check this setting if you're having issues pairing a braille display to a computer over bluetooth.

The other day I was helping a student of mine get her Refreshabraille 18 braille display paired up to her computer.  She has used it to pair with her iPhone for a long time, but now we are working on using it for braille input and output access to all things computers, not just the keyboard for inputting information and auditory feedback for output through a screen reader.  However, we seemingly got everything nicely paired up through the computer’s main interface and the JAWS screen reader braille settings, yet there was no braille appearing on her display.  We ended up realizing what had gotten wonky in settings, and I wanted to share this with you today.  It is fairly technical but hopefully it will make your initial setups less of a stressful experience if you run into the issue that we did!

So in order to pair the Refreshabraille 18 and any other braille display over bluetooth with a Windows computer to use with JAWS, you need to:

  1. Pair the braille display with the computer, and then
  2. Set the braille display up with your screen reading program (JAWS or NVDA)

We were able to complete step 1 pretty easily. 

Now we needed to get up and running from within JAWS. 

At this point, some of you may find yourselves good to go, with braille appearing on your braille display.  However, we were flummoxed to see a blank braille display.  Well, in our situation we had selected the wrong COM port.  So, here’s how you choose the right one:

The following can get somewhat technical, but just in case I’ve included some steps you can look into if you want to first identify what your braille display’s bluetooth COM port is (so as to avoid guessing at initial setup or if you have more than 2 COM ports to choose from).  This can be done from the Devices and Printers settings.



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