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A few JAWS resources that can help you get started with teaching your student

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to get started with teaching JAWS. Students who are in elementary school benefit from beginning technology instruction at an early age. If your student doesn’t have typing skills, consider acquiring a braille display to go along with a PC laptop so that he or she can begin learning how to use a computer with JAWS right away. If you aren’t able to acquire a braille display, consider using a typing program like TypeAbility or Talking Typer to help teach your student keyboarding skills. Below is a brief sequence to help you get started in teaching JAWS and attached are a basic assessment and two different lists of commands, as well as a compilation of tactile tools. Please contact me directly with any questions: [email protected]

JAWS Instruction Sequence

***Helpful Prerequisites (if possible)

***JAWS Settings

Basic Computer Concepts

Reading Commands

Help Commands

MS Word Editing/formatting


Collage of JAWS screenreader

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By TSBVI Short-Term Programs

Cartoon caterpillar on a half eaten leaf reading a book.

Butterflies part 1: Caterpillars

Monarch multiline braille display

Graphing with the Monarch and Desmos

Cartoon lion sitting beside wrapped gifts, holding balloons and wearing a pointy hat.

Inference activities part 2: Pictures and alt text image descriptions