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iPad with VoiceOver Course: Audio

This entertaining audio training course with its engaging sound clips is perfect for "flip the classroom" teaching!

It is challenging to teach assistive technology skills on top of all the other things you (the TVI) are responsible for! Here is a free online resource designed for BLV adults or students who are self-motivated. The course goes into details of various app and is not intended for young students. The course is entertaining with engaging sound clips – guarenteed to keep your student actively engaged! This audio-only course can also be used as “flip the classroom” style of teaching; assign a session for the student to watch and practice at home, then review during VI time.

The iPad for All Computing Course by Tech Juggernaut is an auditory-only course available on YouTube. 

Note: The numbering of the YouTube sessions are not consistent. Day 4 and Day 6 are skipped but there are four Day 7 videos. See the title of each session and what that session contains below:

Day 1 Part 1

This session has a great review of VoiceOver gestures!

Day 1 Part 2

Day 2 Part 1

Day 2 Part 2

Day 3 Part 1

Day 3 Part 2

(Jumps to Day 5)

Day 5 Part 1

(Jumps to Day 6)

Day 7 (March 16, 2022)

Day 7 Part 2

Day 7 Part 1 App Bonanza

Day 7 Part 2 Reminders and Photo Booth


iPad for All Computing 2022 (iPad OS 15) YouTube videos


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