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iPad Tech Tip: Control Center

Add iPad Dark Mode and Dynamic Text Size to your Control Center!

Using the Control Center allows quick access to changing some visual settings. You can adjust text size within specific apps (that support dynamic text size). Sometimes you may want larger text, for example when writing in docs, but you don’t want that size applied to all apps. Having text size slider in the control center allows quick adjustments as needed. Also, toggling dark mode on and off may be handy. You may prefer white on black text in Google docs but would rather view maps in light mode. 

These settings can also be found in Settings > Display & Brightness and Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Larger Text 

iPad Dark Mode and Dynamic Text Size in the Control Center video:

Instructions via edited transcript 

I want to show a couple of visual settings and ways that you can quickly be able to make adjustments. 

by Jessica McDowell

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