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iOS 15.3 Bug: Underscore

Learn the work around for this issue!

iOS 15.3 was recently released with the main goal of fixing security issues. However, for some – but not all – VoiceOver users, 15.3 has created a new issue. Many VoiceOver users are experiencing “underscore” before every number and lowercase letter. Wow – that is an annoying bug to hear “underscore” before every word! Don’t panic – there is an easy way to work around this bug.

Go to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver (turn VoiceOver On) > scroll down to Caption Panel. Turn Caption Panel off.  The “underscores” will disappear!

Note: By default, Caption Panel should be off.

The “underscore” bug appears to random, effecting some users but not others. For some, the bug is sporadic, meaning it comes and goes.

Caption Panel

Caption Panel is an accessibility setting designed to enable a sighted person to follow VoiceOver on a screen. Example: If the VoiceOver user is reading a web page, the visual screen does not scroll down to follow VoiceOver; instead, VoiceOver continues to read down the page and the visual screen stays in the same location. When Caption Panel is turned on, the visual screen will scroll down the web page with the VoiceOver cursor. This is intended for sighted assistance or for when a VoiceOver user wants to point something out on the screen to a sighted person. This is also helpful for teachers to be able to follow (visually) as the student reads. This may also be beneficial for a person who is using VoiceOver but who can also follow along visually. Many VoiceOver users listen to text but may want to look at pictures or diagrams visually.

By Diane Brauner

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