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iOS 15 Dictation Update

No time limit!

Added in iOS 14, “On-Device Dictation” enables the user to dictate “on the device” meaning that the processing of voice dictation is no longer on the cloud but done on your device. This means you can still dictate when not connected to the Internet and on-device dictation adds another layer of privacy.

iOS 15 has no time limit for on-device dictation. Previously, on-device dictations maxed out at 60 seconds. 

Many visually impaired users prefer to dictate text messages and possibly shorter emails – especially when on-the-go or using an iPhone. For users who have motor issues, dictation is an easy way to create text messages, emails and longer documents. Best practice states that students should learn to write using traditional materials such as paper/pencil, braille or keyboarding; however, there are students who must find alternative ways to write. The unlimited time for on-device dictation is a game changer for those students and adults who prefer to use or who rely on dictation!

By Diane Brauner

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